About us

We are passionate about Organic food business and specialised in sourcing  highest quality natural food products  across the Globe. We only source products from certified plantations .Not only we think about sourcing finest natural food products from around the world but also the freshness of them, we pay attention to every small detail in bringing you the finest quality products what makes us unique and outstanding.

Our philosophy has always evolved around  health and wellbeing; therefore, we follow the highest quality standards throughout the process ensuring that every product we offer you is best in the business.

All Our Products are ethically sourced meaning that all our products which are produced and purchased in a manner that demonstrates respect for the people who produce them as well as for the environment.

The tropical island nation of Sri Lanka is an island of magical proportions enriched with stunning landscapes, pristine beaches and cultural heritage which only a few places in the world can offer.

Sri Lankan Coconuts enjoy a prestigious position in a Global market and it’s closely connected with the culture and traditions of its people. Every part of the Coconut palm is strongly combined with the day to day life of the community thus it is known as “Kapruka” or Tree of life

Golden Harvest love this little Island and we feel honoured to present the finest organic certified coconut products to you made from the freshest, purest and hand harvested coconuts with love.


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Why Goldenharvest

All our products are sourced from certified organically grown plantations by our trusted suppliers  and also  our products are produced and packed at origin in accordance with Organic Principles. Golden harvest coconut oil is made from the hand harvested, organically grown fresh coconuts.

What is Virgin Coconut oil

All virgin coconut oils are not equal in quality, there are wide range of quality among them. There are many ways to make virgin coconut oil. The methods and care used in the process determines the final quality of the product.

High quality virgin coconut oil should be snow white in colour when it is solid and water clear when liquid. Virgin coconut oils should always retain a coconut smell and taste. If not, they have been highly refined. If they have no flavor they are essentially RBD oil, even if they did come from fresh coconut.

Some virgin coconut oils have a very strong flavor or smell, these are almost always of poor quality. The smell and taste come primarily from contaminates and not coconut. If the oil does not taste and smell like fresh coconut.

The very best virgin coconut oils do not have a strong roasted or smoky taste or smell. They should have a very mild coconut aroma and flavor. The flavor should not be overpowering, but just mild enough to enjoy without altering the flavor of the foods it’s used with.