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The oldest of the coconut products. The simple sun dried, or hot air-dried coconut flesh has been around since men figured out heating through fire. Golden harvest organic desiccated coconut is an excellent addition to any kitchen cupboard and is perfect for both savoury and sweet cooking. Produced from the fresh kernel of the coconut and with a delicious light and fragrant coconut flavour it is just 100% coconut, no sweeteners, additives, or preservatives.

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Fresh coconut is perishable and may not be available every time. In such cases, desiccated coconut is a very good alternative. It is finely grated, dried, unsweetened form of coconut, obtained by drying shredded or ground kernel.

It can be used desserts like puddings, cookies, make cakes, pastries muffins, flapjacks, brownies, biscuits, and cookies – and even unique savoury meals, including coconut soup, curries, aromatic rice, Indian bread and much more. For more delicious recipes visit


Nutritional Typical values per 100g
Energy (kJ)
Moisture (g)  2.22
Protein 7.4
Fat 69.3
Of which saturates 62.62
Mono-un saturates  3.08
Ploy -unsaturates  0.54
Carbohydrate  6.5
Of which sugars 7.0
Dietary fibre 12.6
Salt 0.13


100% Desiccated Coconut

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans